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2023 Lecture Series of Chinese National Conditions & Culture 


Rethinking Modernity——Modern Chinese Painting Between Chinese and Western Cultures 




This cultural salon will understand the modernity of Chinese culture through the narration of traditional Chinese painting from ancient times to modern times, and use the method of comparison between China and the West to show the cultural characteristics and value of Chinese painting itself, so that the audience can understand Chinese painting and Western painting Different cultural cores.

The activity is divided into four parts, from 1. The self-contained system of ancient traditional painting; 2. The mutual influence of modern times and the West; 3. The impact of Western painting ideas; 4. The reflection of contemporary Chinese painting, etc. At the level, it tells the different performances and responses of traditional Chinese painting in these four periods through case analysis.

It is hoped that through this event, mutual understanding and exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures will be enhanced, and more students will learn about traditional Chinese paintings and the splendid and colorful works of art and masters in China.



 Interactive session: (Creative Calligraphy) Writing English with Chinese brushes




Speaker introduction: 

Li Zhengdong: Ningbo University, Deputy Director of the Architecture Department of Pan Tianshou College of Architecture and Art Design, Doctor of Ruhr University Bochum, Germany. Engaged in related research on art history for a long time.






Time: Apirl 7th, 18:00-20:00(Please arrive fifteen minutes early).

Location: GHK coffee shop on the first floor

The capacity of activity: 20

Event Details

Date: 4月 7 @ 下午6:00 - 下午8:00
Time: 下午6:00 - 下午8:00
Venue GHK Cafe
Organizer Name: 中国国情与文化教育中心